Sansyoga Association was born with the wish of promoting the connection and harmony between one another and our environment, right from the beginning of our lifes. Since 2010 we encourage the path to a simple and healthy life and a natural and conscious upbringing. We are lovers of lost wisdom, nature and fun.



Wonderful places where fully take care of yourself in this present moment of your life.
(Pregnancy – Families – Detox)

Sansyoga- Cursos yoga prenatal- Maternidad


Intensive courses full of wisdom, transformation and unique experiences.
(Teacher training – Classes – Workshops – Accompaniment)

Together to share and grow

Sansyoga -Team

Some years ago we decided to join our lives and passions. Now, we have a multidisciplinary team. All of us are nature, yoga and living food lovers.

We believe in a lifestyle full of harmony with the Earth and connection with ourselves and others.

Sansyoga is our way to share and grow our believes. We offer experiences plenty of inspiration, creativity and wellbeing.

Sandra & Pau


“Everything flowed, I discovered something in me that had changed: the seed of a more conscious life.”


Menorca, May 2013

“An opportunity to share with strangers who become great companions.”


Menorca, May 2013

“An opportunity, a space to clarify this wave of emotions and restrictions, a retreat to meet again and repair the body. There were many moments to share experiences where my heart felt relaxed. During Yoga classes I found the break, time, patience… Juices were very tasty, a gift. I love your work! “.

Menorca, May 2013

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