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Take part in a fasting weekend prepared by a team of professionals from different health disciplines that ensures a thorough purification of body and mind. Come to experience the benefits of a Detox Program specially designed to purify your body, through specific juices, yoga and meditation. There is no better choice than taking some time to cleanse the body, break old habits, and adopt a healthier life style.

Dates:  17-19th March 2017


Where: Cassà de la Selva (Girona-Spain)


Price: 300€  *265€ Early bird  (Limited places)


  • Full board accommodation in an amazing cottage
  • Cleansing juices detox program
  • Yoga and meditation classes.
  • Bikes to explore the surroundings

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Payments and refunds


To sign in it is necessary to make a payment of:
  • A deposit of 150€ if you pay a month before it starts  (The rest of the amount will be paid 30 days before)
  • The whole amount if you enrol the month prior to the retreat
 Payments will be made by bank account. Bank costs will be paid by the participant. Prices are in Euros.



  • 100% refundable until 30 days before it starts. A deposit of 100€ will be kept for any other Sansyoga retreat you would like to come in the future.
  • 50% refundable until 15 days before it starts.

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The body needs purifying processes once in a while. Throughout the year we accumulate toxins, not only through food but also caused by stress and bad habits. The accumulation of toxic substances in the body can eventually cause diseases, a weak immune system and a fluctuating mood.

Our Detox Program consists of a diet based on fresh juices and raw food. It is a less aggressive way to enjoy a cleansing process, especially to the liver and gallbladder. No need to fast to eliminate toxins. There are many foods and herbs that help the body to get rid of toxins safely, while still nourishing it with wonderful vegetables and fruits. During the Retreat we will also add a colon cleansing with seeds to ensure a detox of the entire digestive tract. The toxins which are eliminated from the liver and the gallbladder could be reabsorbed by the body if the colon is not functioning properly.

* A Program created under the supervision of Monica Fuentes (Naturopath and Therapist specialized in Detox programs)

Yoga classes will be taught and are designed to help the body release toxic elements, impurities and waste, as well as to promote relaxation. Every morning we will flow through smooth movement to stimulate and open the body. Every morning there will be a guided meditation that will concentrate on a therapeutic level to help the emotional and physical changes that can be felt during detox. Also, there will be a workshop where we work on Pranayama (breathing) to help the detox process.

We will be offering treatments to help the cleansing process. Through massage, there is a faster release of physical and emotional toxins at the cellular level, restoring the body’s self healing ability.

Carla will be ofering treatments on Saturday at the Retreat. She is very pleased to have joined our team and come back to her humble roots of desiring to be close to nature, to be grounded, to be among peers with whom she can share her passion and work to heal through her Shiatsu based massage discipline. She looks forward to sharing her passions with you in the north of Catalonia, where the sunsets and vistas continue to inspire her….

Beginning to walk on her Dad and Mom’s backs at the age of 5, Carla recognized early in life both the benefits and joy that healing bodywork could bring to people, as well as herself.

Carla is a certified Shiatsu Therapist and a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. Carla´s work practicing massage for over 10 years now. She has also acted most recently as a Volunteer providing compassionate touch with Bridge Hospice in San Diego, CA, which has kept her in line with her strong belief in community and Seva, the Sanskrit word for “selfless service.”


We recommend that a few days before the Retreat, you follow a specific diet so that the body can adapt more easily. Try to reduce or eliminate:

  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Coffee
  • Meat
  • Alcohol
  • Fried foods


You will be welcome from 5pm to 6pm

6:30pm-7:30pm: Welcome and yoga session


8am: Guided Meditation

9:30am: Yoga class

During the morning we will serve three detox juices and herbal tea

An optional raw food buffet will be offered at lunch time.


6pm: Pranayama workshop and yoga Nidra

We will serve three more detox juices. So every 2-3 hours a detox juice is offered during the day.

You can enjoy the house’s facilities (garden, pool,…), ride a bike or just rest during free time.

The departure time will be from 3pm, when we will end the Detox Program with our last detox juice, to 6pm for those who want to enjoy the place a bit longer.
The detox program and yoga classes will at the same time as Saturday.

  • There will always be water and herbal tea available for participants – Hydration is very important during a detox
  • During free time you can enjoy the option of a massage
  • Will include a mini-workshop on healthy eating during the Retreat
  • There will be mountain bikes available to go for a ride during free time



Can Piferrer is a typical farmhouse of La Selva flat built in 1740. It is listed as an architectural element of local interest and has not undergone any changes over more than 260 years. It has been thoroughly renovated to retain its character and personality, by being adapted to rural tourism in an enviable position by the environment in which it is located.
See more pictures: Here


They are beautiful, with a rustic touch and tastefully decorated. They are usually shared between two and three people. Everyone has his own bed and most rooms have private bathrooms. If you prefer a single room, please ask about availability and prices.

The entire farm is included in a large extension of grain fields and is surrounded by a large green area with trees (about 1,000 m²). Its convenient location has an extraordinary view of the Montseny, the plain of La Selva, the Pyrenees and pre-Pyrenees.


From the AP-7: Leave the motorway at junction 8 of the Forest-Riudellots —Aeropuerto.Take the road in the direction of Riudellots and straight through the village. At the third roundabout turn right towards Sant Andreu Salou. (3 Km.) Once in Sant Andreu, which is a very small village with 4 houses and a church, turn right after the church and then turn left towards Cassa de la Selva. (2km). Once you have passed a bridge over a stream, go straight until you find a large farmhouse (Can Dalmau). In Can Dalmau turn right and look for a yellow sign that says Can Piferrer.

*We always send an email to all participants to organize the transportation together with cars available


Barcelona airport

The house is just 1 hour and 30 minutes from there. You can rent a car at the airport.

Girona airport

From Girona airport, a taxi can bring you to the house.


From Barcelona take the train to Girona (north) and you can stop at Riudellots de la Selva.


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