Sansyoga- Formación yoga prenatal Barcelona-
 March 2nd, 3rd & 4th & March 10th & 11th,  2018 · California
Studio Surya Yoga – Venice Beach, Los Angeles

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[Prenatal teacher training]

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  • The whole amount  if you enrol the month prior to the training
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  • 100% refundable until 30 days before it starts. A deposit of 100€ will be kept for any other Sansyoga training you would like to come in the future.
  • 50% refundable until 15 days before it starts.

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This is a beautiful 2-weekends journey to empowerment and self-discovery. This course will teach you how to support pregnant women through the magic path of pregnancy and motherhood and to enjoy a conscious, respected and peaceful birth of their babies. The type of yoga taught is based on dynamic sequences where a gentle dance between mother and baby is created.





We will teach you the art of communicating this ancient philosophy towards pregnant women and how to support and inspire them in a very safe way.

Yoga, essential oils, nutrition, dance and much more for pregnancy, birth and beyond…

foto sandra Flyer Prenatal

Devoted mother, Sandra Varas is a certified yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance and Pregnancy yoga Teacher. She has trained with well known teachers in California and London, cities where she lived for over 8 years. Now she is fully dedicated to the world of pregnancy, women and motherhood. Her main wish is to bring back to women their own wisdom and allow them to enjoy a more humanized childbirth.

Formación yoga prenatal

Life is for her a creative continous movement and has its best splendor and achievement at the moment of birth.


Certified yoga teacher. He trained with Sandra Varas in Prenatal Yoga and since then has worked with her and her team. Now she is coordinating the practical of the course. She is passionate about movement of the body, having explored other disciplines such as chinese medicine and circus.


The training is based on a dynamic-flow yoga designed for pregnant women to keep them agile, flexible and strong both physically and mentally.
Prenatal Flow Yoga is a series of sequences developed over the years by Sandra and her team where the main objective is the flow of movement. All positions are linked through breathing. Those positions not only help women to connect with their femininity, their sensuality and power, but also they prevent common pregnancy discomforts that appear right from the beginning. This type of yoga also allows women to stay strong inside and out so they can face this new stage of life in a healthy way.

We believe Pregnancy is a natural and healthy process in which the woman must stay agile, strong and confident in order to enjoy it and be present.

More than just teaching, we want to help women to reconnect with their inner wisdom and guide them to become Prenatal Yoga teachers or just women who can help other women in their own communities.

We defend Birth as a “transforming trip” where baby and mother must be respected and connected at all times.

We promote a conscious and healthy Motherhood right from the beginning of life, ideally starting before conception.

Even though our focus is the teaching of yoga, we will also have the opportunity to learn about healthy food during pregnancy, how to prevent typical discomforts, understand anatomy and other important key points.

–   Learn to inspire future moms to fully appreciate from the pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

–   Learn to go along with pregnant women, supporting and empowering them.

–   Provide guidelines to help physically pregnant women during the different stages through the yoga practice and nutrition.

–   Yoga and pregnancy
–   The western pregnant woman
–   Intrauterine life
–   Anatomy and physiology of the pregnant woman
–   Pathologies and dysfunctions in Pregnancy
–   Design a class (Asanas, Pranayama, Sequences…..)
–   Nutrition for a natural pregnancy and birth
–   Yoga and birth; birth stages
–   The Doula
–   Complications during Childbirth
–   Natural birth – Medical birth
–   Post-Natal