Dates: March 11th, 2019


Where: Empordà, near Barcelona


Price: 150€


Teacher: Sandra Varas

Herbs for Pospartum Period: C-section, Episiotomy and Difucult Births

I invite you to a very special workshop to learn about plants and their healing properties to accompany the postpartum, especially to women who have gone through difficult births physically and emotionally. You will learn to select and prepare herbs, infusions and steam baths, and we will explore the art of herbal massage to tone the uterus and relax the pelvic area.

A workshop to share wisdom, nature and femininity.

Welcome any woman who wants to acquire more knowledge to work with future mothers or women who have just had a baby and want to gain knowledge for themselves. Welcome babies under 6 months.

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[Pelvic floor course]