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Pelvic Floor Recovery

A safe and effective method to improve female health and keep the pelvic floor in shape.

Learn a set of techniques to recover and tone the pelvic floor.
Usually there is an excess of muscular rigidity which causes the damages in the feminine perineum- Therefore Sandra´s method to approach pelvic floor recovery is to work with deep relaxation and consciousness on the area to then tone those muscles.

Some of the consequences of a pelvic floor are back pain, constipation, pain during sex, prolapses, incontinence … This method prevents or repairs these problems improving female health.

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[Menorca Retreat]

Dates: February 10th SOLD OUT


Where: Barcelona


Language: Spanish


Price: 150€

Payments and refunds


To sign in it is necessary to make a payment of:
  • A deposit of 150€ if you pay a month before it starts  (The rest of the amount will be paid 30 days before)
  • The whole amount if you enrol the month prior to the retreat
 Payments will be made by bank account. Bank costs will be paid by the participant. Prices are in Euros.



  • 100% refundable until 30 days before it starts. A deposit of 100€ will be kept for any other Sansyoga retreat you would like to come in the future.
  • 50% refundable until 15 days before it starts.

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