Who should take the Training?

This course is perfect for any woman: yoga teachers; mothers and mothers-to-be; doulas; midwives… Anyone who wants to learn to empower pregnant women, connect with their inner wisdom and transform their experience during pregnancy, birth and beyond can take the training.

Important: Courses in Spain are in spanish

What are the prerequisites to enroll?

Any woman can attend the course. But if you want to become a qualified Prenatal Yoga Teacher and receive the diploma, you will need to be a certified yoga teacher.

What does the training include?

The program includes: yoga practice; lecture; class observations; practice teaching; the Manual and Prenatal yoga classes at the beach with Sandra.

What type of yoga are we teaching?

We believe in movement though pregnancy and birth. Our prenatal yoga becomes a dance between mother and baby. Inspired in Vinyasa Yoga, we teach you to create sequences based in the flow of movement and breathe. This series of sequences have been developed over the years by Sandra and her Team and they allow women to stay strong inside and out and face this new stage of life in a healthy way. We also embrace the spiritual journey of motherhood.

- What are the requirements to be qualified as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher?

– Be certified as a Yoga Teacher (200hours minimum)
– Attend and participate to the full length of the course
– Pass the final test
You will receive our Sansyoga Prenatal Teacher Training diploma. Our communities need women capable to support and empower pregnancy, birth and beyond. We aim to train women to do so. Therefore, Sansyoga diploma will ensure that our future prenatal yoga teachers are ready to work in the amazing path of motherhood.


To sign in it is necessary to make a payment of:

–  A deposit of 160€ if you pay a month before the Training (The rest of the amount will be paid 30 days before the Training

–  The whole amount if you enrol the month prior to the Training.

Payments will be made by bank account. Bank costs will be paid by the participant. Prices are in Euros.


–   100% refundable until 30 days before the retreat. A deposit of 100€ will be kept for any other Sansyoga retreat you would like to come in the future.

–   50% refundable until 15 days before the retreat.


We love to work with small groups. Maximum of 10 girls.

The minimum would be 6 people.