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JULY 16,17,18,19 · BARCELONA

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[Prenatal teacher training]

BARCELONA, Spain – JULY 16.19, 2020

LISBON, Portugal – JUNE 26-29,  2020

AMSTERDAM , Netherlands – AUGUST 21.23,  2020



This is a beautiful  journey to empowerment and self-discovery. A transformative Prenatal Yoga Flow Training that will teach you how to support pregnant women through their magic path to motherhood and to enjoy a conscious, respected and peaceful birth of their babies. The type of yoga taught is based on dynamic sequences where a gentle dance between mother and baby is created.

Sandra will be teaching in 2020  this beautiful course in Barcelona, (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Lisbon (Portugal) and in 2021 in Los Angeles (California). If you want to learn how to teach a safe, creative & full movement prenatal yoga practice, this is a great opportunity.

This training is for any woman willing to have an extraordinary experience. Yoga teachers, mums- to- be, mothers, doulas, midwives… You are all welcome!

This immersion will prepare students to work with the special needs of prenatal and postnatal students. An invaluable course with stellar tools for a more conscious and peaceful pregnancy, birth and motherhood. You will learn the art of transmitting the ancient philosophy of yoga to pregnant women, and how to support and inspire them safely and with awareness.

The program covers yoga during pregnancy and postpartum but also healthy and conscious eating, herbal remedies and the importance of voice, music and dance. We believe movement is the source of life.





We will teach you the art of communicating this ancient philosophy towards pregnant women and how to support and inspire them in a very safe way.

Yoga, essential oils, nutrition, dance and much more for pregnancy, birth and beyond…


The training is based on a dynamic-flow yoga designed specially for pregnant women to keep them agile, flexible and strong both physically and mentally.
Prenatal Yoga Flow is a series of sequences developed over the years by Sandra so women move for an hour as if they were dancing the song of waves…. All positions are linked through breathing,a very specific type of breathing which is also a pilar of this course. Those positions not only help women to connect with their femininity, their sensuality and power, but also they prevent common pregnancy discomforts that might appear right from the beginning. This type of yoga also allows women to stay strong inside and out so they can face this new stage of life full of health and wellbeing.

We believe Pregnancy is a natural and healthy process in which the woman must stay agile, strong and confident.

More than just teaching, we want to help women to reconnect with their inner wisdom and guide them to become Prenatal Yoga teachers or just women who can support other women in their own communities.

We defend Birth as a “rite of passage” where baby and mother must be respected and connected at all times.

We promote a conscious and healthy Motherhood right from the beginning of life, ideally starting before conception.

Even though our focus is the teachings of yoga during pregnancy, we will also have the opportunity to learn about healthy food during pregnancy, how to prevent typical discomforts, understand the main anatomy of a pregnant woman and other important key points that give students an holistic view.

–   Learn to inspire future moms to fully appreciate and love their pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

–   Learn to support  and empower pregnant women, physically and emotionally.

1.Yoga and Pregnancy

      Pregnant Women in the West

      Prenatal Yoga Philosophy

      Asanas to treat or prevent dysfunctions

      Yoga Flow sequences and variations

      How to build a prenatal yoga flow class

     Childbirth Preparation

     Movement (dancing with the baby)

     Spiritual and Energy work and support

2. Anatomy and Physiology

     The Uterus: woman´s energy center

     The Jaw’s role during labor and delivery

     The Pelvic Floor

     The Pelvis and its mobility during birth

     Stages of pregnancy: Continuum and Self regulation

     Hormonal influence

3.  Natural Nutrition and Remedies

      Foods and Herbs for a Natural Pregnancy

      Foods to prevent / cure certain discomforts

4. Yoga and birth

       The role of a Doula

       Oxytocin, the love hormone

      The Pituitary Gland and hormones during birth

      “Pain” during birth

      Natural Childbirth

      Fetal Positions

      Acceptance and conciousness

Payments and refunds


  • A deposit of 220$ is due upon enrollment to hold your spot
  • Payment in full must be made four (4) weeks before start date
  • All payments will be made via PayPal


  • The deposit is non-refundable once it has been made
  • Cancellation 30-60 days before start date: 50% refund of total price
  • Cancellation 15-30 days before the start date: 25% refund of total price
  • Cancellation 0-15 days before start date: 0% refund
  • If there is a medical emergency (providing a doctor’s certificate) and if spaces are available you may be able to transfer to another course date or receive 50% refund of total price.

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