Sansyoga - Sesiones preparación al parto
Addressed to: Couples who are expecting a baby or are in the process of conception


Taught by : Sandra Varas (in english, spanish or catalan)


Price: 2h sessions -65€-

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[Childbirth preparation course]

Preparing for Birth

A safe space will be created so you and your partner can share the fears, doubts and worries around birth. We will also review how the partner can support the mum during that day and how can you both create a strong bond between you two.

Exercices, meditations and techniques to strengthen the connection between mum and dad. Birth is a moment of huge intimacy and vulnerability and the partner has to know how to access her in such delicate moment.

The rolle of a dad (or the partner) during birth is enormous! And I cannot wait to share with you everything about it. After understanding his rolle he will feel empowered and he will feel ready and strong to be with her during birth. Therefore the mother will also feel supported and confident about having her partner next to her.

I will guide you in this exciting journey.