Sansyoga- Formación yoga prenatal Barcelona-
Where: Empordà, Figueres


Price: 45€ x month (Private classes: 50€)
A gentle dance between the mother and the baby that brings well-being and health to both mum and baby

Yoga Flow Prenatal © is a yoga style for pregnancy created by Sandra as a result of many years of experience. Each class is an opportunity to dance to life through a certain breath. A type of yoga that deeply relaxes the body while providing vitality and strength. They are classes that enhance the connection between mother and baby and the awareness of the present moment, enjoying it and savoring each sensation, each change …
His classes are an opportunity to soak up wisdom while taking care of ourselves. A weekly space to nurture health while creating community among mothers, solving doubts and expanding our knowledge. That empowers us and allows us to make decisions throughout the process.

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