sandra varas sansyoga

“What I really like about our job is knowing that we are contributing with health and balance with people “

Sandra Varas

I am a devoted mother and a certified yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years. Most of my teachers are based in California and London, cities where I lived for over 8 years.

I certified as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher  with Ganga White in the sacred mountains of the Chumash Indians in California -White Lotus Foundation- Later on, I certified as a Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher in London, and found my real passion. I feel deeply thankful to all the teachings that I have received over the years by amazing wise women around the world (California, Barcelona, London, Mexico, Africa…) and also to the pregnant women I had the honor to work with and support during their path to motherhood. But my most reveilling expirience was the arrival of my own kid to my arm and to the world. My goal is to bring back to women their own wisdom and allow them to enjoy a more humanized and natural childbirth and motherhood. I also specialized in Pelvic Floor Recovery, Spiritual and Physical Preparation for Birth; Partner work before birth and Restorative yoga for post-natal period.

I also love food and its power to heal. I can say our kitchen ihas become our laboratory, the food our remedies and we become alchimists at least 3 times a day.

I teach yoga and meditation in our Retreats and also direct SansYoga Project with my husband. I love the creativity of helping him in the kitchen and the joy that all the participants share with us.


Pablo Carreras-Candi

As a lover of Nature and outdoor sports, start with Sansyoga project was a gift. For me it was an opportunity to leave the city and the office to live in the countryside and organize activities giving wellbeing to our guests.

I really enjoy cooking and discovering new recipes. Through vegan cuisine I learn every day new combinations so I can surprise our guests during our yoga retreats. I am cooking in almost every retreat and I also coordinate the project Sansyoga with my wife Sandra.