Sandra Varas

Sandra Varas is one of the most recognized prenatal yoga teachers and defensors of conscious birth in Barcelona, the city where she was born. Sandra is a devoted mother of a wild little boy and a lover of movement, music and nature. She certified as a yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance, and specialized in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga over the years. Now she is fully dedicated to womenhood, motherhood, yoga, herbs and medicine foods. Her main wish is to return the natural wisdom back to women by allowing them to enjoy a more humanized childbirth. She also specialized in Pelvic Floor Recovery, Spiritual and Physical Preparation for Birth; Partner work before birth, Prenatal and Postnatal Massage and other ancient techniques which support mums and their partners along this journey.

Her background is filled up with adventures and wild experiences as she is also a journalist and documentary filmmaker. A job that allowed her to travel and meet fascinating cultures around the world where women are still in charge of their own births. She created this teacher training 8 years ago as a tool to expand the knowledge of women and create community among them.

I feel deeply thankful to all the teachings that I have received over the years by amazing wise women around the world (California, Barcelona, London, Mexico, Africa…) and also to the pregnant women I have had the honor to work with and support during their path to motherhood. But my most reveilling experience was the arrival of my own child to my arms and to the world.