Sansyoga- Cursos suelo pélvico
Dates: New dates 2018 soon


Where: Jardín de Hara- Gràcia – Barcelona.


Price: 150€


Teacher: Sandra Varas


Suitable for: Yoga teachers; Women; Mothers and health professionals

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[Pelvic floor course]

Pelvic Floor Recovery Course

This intensive course will allow you to work with women who want to start a pelvic floor recovery.

We will teach you a specific aproach to gain flexibility and tone in these group of muscles. We will work with relaxation techniques, restorative poses , music, sound and deep relaxation techniques. Our aim is to help you to experience in your own skin how to creat a concience on those muscles and how to be able to relax them first to only then tone them.

Giving birth, the pass of time, too much exercise or a sedentary life can get a weak pelvic floor. The consequences are loss of bladder control, pain or discomfort during sex, or backpain.

In this course you will learn how to connect with this amazing part of the body, understand it and be able to then help other women.

These group of muscles need a huge amount of susceptibility, delicacy and atention. We will teach you beautiful techniques to work with such an intimate area.


– Developing Pelvic Floor and Uterus concience

– Anatomy y phisiology

– Voice, breath and other complementary techniques

– Relaxation – Contraction

– The jaw and the 2 diaphragms

– Muscular recovery: exercises ans specific techniques

8am – 9am: Meditation

9am: Healthy Breakfast

10am – 1pm: Class

2pm: Vegetarian meal

4pm – 6pm: Class