Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Flow / Pelvic Floor Recovery



New dates 2021 soon 



We believe this is one of the most importanttimes to support women during their pregnancies, labour and motherhood. Taking a course like this right now is a huge opportunity to be of service of our community.
If you feel called to support women, this is the time!

 This is a beautiful  journey to empowerment and self-discovery. A transformative and invaluable course with stellar tools for a more conscious and peaceful pregnancy, birth and motherhood. You will learn the art of transmitting the ancient philosophy of yoga to pregnant women, and how to support and inspire them safely and with awareness.



Any woman willing to learn more about this very significant moment
in the life of a woman, a baby and a family. 

New mums, mothers, mums-to-be, yoga teachers, prenatal yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, therapists… You are all welcome!


  • How to support pregnant women through their magic path to motherhood and to enjoy a conscious, respected and peaceful birth of their babies.
  • How to support women during the postpartum transition with herbal massage and pelvic floor recovery. 
  • How to teach a safe, creative & full movement prenatal and postnatal Yoga practice. The type of yoga taught is based on dynamic sequences where a gentle dance between mother and baby is created and the method is called Prenatal Yoga Flow.
  • How to create the right atmosphere for new mommas and their kids. We will also deepen into the concept of conscious motherhood.
  • How to work with the special needs of prenatal and postnatal women with specific postures to avoid pregancy disconforts and for a better recovery after birth.
  • Healthy and conscious eating, herbal remedies and the importance of voice, music and dance.

«You are strength, love and beauty.
Woman of the Earth.
Infinite wisdom.
Transcend your fear.
Free yourself.
Chant to
Courage Dance
to Love”
Sandra Varas


  1. Yoga and Pregnancy
  • Pregnant women in the West
  • Prenatal yoga philosophy Yoga during pregnancy (asanas, pranayama…)
  • Asanas to treat or prevent dysfunctions
  • Yoga flow sequences and variations
  • Childbirth preparatio
  • Movement (dancing with the baby)
  • Designing a prenatal class
  • Spiritual and energy work
  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  • The uterus: woman’s energy center
  • The jaw’s role during labour and delivery
  • The pelvic floor
  • The pelvis and its mobility during birth
  • Integration during pregnancy (all the body systems working together)
  • Intrauterine fetal evolution
  • Stages of pregnancy: Continuum and self regulation
  • Hormonal influence
  1. Natural Nutrition and Remedies 
  • Foods and herbs for a natural pregnancy
  • Foods to prevent / cure certain discomforts
  1. Yoga and birth
  • The role of a Doul
  • Oxytocin, the love hormone
  • The Pituitary Gland and hormones during birth
  • “Pain” during birth
  • Natural childbirth
  • Fetal Positions
  • Acceptance and consciousness
  1. Postpartu Period 
  • Postnatal Yoga
  • The light and shadows of the puerperium
  • Physical-emotional recover
  • Breestfeeding and the Continuum
  • Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Recovery
  • Nutrition


This training is led by Sandra Varas – Devoted mother of two beautiful boys, Sandra is a certified yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance, who has specialized in Prenatal & postnatal Yoga over the years. She has been trained by great teachers in California and London, cities where she has lived for over 8 years. Now she is fully dedicated to the world of women, pregnancy and motherhood. Her main wish is to return women their natural wisdom so they can enjoy a more humanized childbirth.

She is one of the most recognized prenatal yoga teachers and defenders of conscious birth in Spain. She created this teacher training more than a decade ago as a tool to expand the knowledge of women and create community among them. She is deeply thankful to her teachers and all those wise women from whom she has been able to learn during her trips to Africa, Mexico and other parts of the world while shooting documentaries as a journalist 10 years ago.

Now she lives with her family in the countryside, near Barcelona, enjoying a slow and concious life. She will always be a student of plant medicine and ancestors ways as it has become her passion. She teaches what she breaths and lives, so everything in this website is how she expiriences her own motherhoos and life as a woman.


On successful completion of the practical assessment and the coursework, students obtain a Certificate of Training in Prenatal Yoga Flow, Postnatal Yoga Flow and Pelvic Floor Recovery. Qualified yoga teachers who complete this course successfully are then qualified to teach prenatal yoga flow classes, Mum and Baby Yoga Classes and Pelvic Floor Recovery knowledge.


We will be gathering together online and listening to Sandra live. We will keep the energy of the group and the magic of being together as women, as sisters. We will learn as a group.

You will get all the information about the platform that we will use and how to enter once you enroll in the training.


Course Price: 585€

Deposit: 200€

* Sansyoga students: 30€ off


To secure your spot you need to make a deposit for 200€.

Please let us know when you have made the deposit so we can officially book your space and send you the information needed.
We attach importance to the quality of the training and to providing personal guidance to each student. This is why we prefer to work with small groups.

*In case of a group under 4 people the course will be cancelled and SansYoga will then refund your deposit.